Casa Noble Tequila Santana Barrel Reserve Anejo

Casa Noble Tequila Santana Barrel Reserve Anejo

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CN_Santana-BarrelRes_Flyer.inddMusic icon and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member Carlos Santana has joined the Board and is now one of the owners of the brand. A multiple-Grammy award winner, Santana shares with Casa Noble the passion for perfection in everything we do.

“Santana’s love for the spirit of Casa Noble and his commitment to this new partnership is exciting for everyone involved with our brand,” says Casa Noble CEO, Jose Hermosillo. “Santana’s personal philosophy of quality and integrity in the pursuit of perfection is synonymous with the Casa Noble brand of fine ultra premium Tequilas.”

“We have been exploring this partership for some time. This is a natural synergy; Casa Noble Tequila is deeply rooted in the pursuit quality, craftmanship and tradition. Santana through his life and his music has dedicated himself to those same values which are the key motivators behind this alignment”.


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“We have come together because I love Tequila,” Carlos Santana said. “Passion, dedication and integrity is what attached me to Casa Noble Tequila. I feel at home. Casa Noble and my family have the same origin Jalisco, Mexico. My family roots date back to the 1700’s in Jalisco. My father is a Huichol Indian. When I visited the distillery, I immediatly felt spiritually connected to the Hermosillo family and Casa Noble. Together we celebrate the gift of life and all of the blessings that come with it. Together we can all make a difference in the world.”

Casa Noble Tequila Santana Barrel Reserve Anejo



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