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Deep Eddy Vodka – Original or Assorted Flavors (Available in store)


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Product Description

Born in Austin, Deep Eddy Vodka is handcrafted in their Texas distillery by a team serious about creating a great spirit. This Vodka is column- distilled 10 times using corn, the finest Texas water and natural flavors. Nothing but smooth, clean vodka reaches the bottle to deliver an award winning taste.

Sweet Tea
Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka is handcrafted in their Texas distillery from whole tea leaves, real clover honey and our award-winning vodka. Enjoy it mixed with club soda or with fresh lemonade.

Ruby Red
Deep Eddy Ruby Red is made with the same vodka distilled 10 times in a state of the art column still in north Austin. They then blend in real grapefruit juice to give it a tart zip, a slight sweetness, a thick, silky texture and an alluring pink color. It smells just like a freshly cut grapefruit.

Deep Eddy Peach Flavored vodka handcrafted in their Texas distillery from real peaches and their award winning vodka. Capturing the true essence of ripe peaches, this is best enjoyed on the rocks, with a splash of lemonade or even combined with a shot of your favorite bourbon.

Deep Eddy Lemon Flavored Vodka is handcrafted in their Texas distillery using real lemon juice mixed with their award-winning vodka. Enjoy this new twist on the everyday citrus vodka mixed with club soda,iced tea or your most creative concoction.

Deep Eddy Orange Vodka is made with the freshest blend of real Oranges, grown by farmers across America, and mixed with their award-winning (10 times distilled and naturally gluten free) Vodka. Deep Eddy Orange is smooth & refreshing and makes the perfect simple cocktail. Taste the difference for yourself.