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Maker’s Mark Bourbon


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Product Description

Loretto, Kentucky
Hand crafted in small batches since 1958, Maker’s Mark Bourbon is not aged for any specific period of years- rather it is bottled and marketed when expert tasters agree that it is ready. Also, the barrels are moved from the lower to the upper floors of the warehouse and back down during the aging process to benefit from the differences in temperature at the various levels. This practice was once common in the distilling industry, but has been largely abandoned due to the high labor expense.

Rich and brilliant in color with an amber hue. On the nose it is full, delicate and well-rounded with scents of caramel and charred oak with hints of vanilla. In the mouth, this Bourbon Whisky is rich in flavor, yet soft on the palate. It is refreshing and pleasant with a distinctive and complex taste that does not compare to anything else.