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Peligroso Tequila Anejo


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Product Description

93 Points – Wine Enthusiast

2011 Awards – “Best of the Best” Best High-Proof Tequila

2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – Gold Medal

Aged for 12-18 months, the ultra-premium Peligroso Anejo is a golden amber in color and displays bountiful aromas of vanilla, toffee, dried fruit, and toasted oak. In the mouth, this Anejo is exceptionally smooth with a medium body with silky, layered flavors of creamy vanilla, burnt caramel, macademia nut, ground coffee, baking spices, pumpkin, and oak.


The finish is long and flavorful with lingering notes of coffee and roasted nuts. Bottled in a satin black glass bottle to represent its complex layers and nuances, Peligroso Anejo is surely a tequila to sip and savor.

Peligroso (Spanish for “Dangerous”) is a 100% WEBER Blue Agave Tequila, grown and harvested at the “El Viejito” distillery in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Originally founded in 1937, “El Viejito” recently completed a new modern and efficient distillery, representing their commitment to social and economic development as well as the environment, as El Viejito is currently in the process of obtaining a “clean industry” certification.


Peligroso’s agave is cultivated in red volcanic soil and harvested at the peak of ripeness. After harvesting, extra time and care is taken to cut away the bitter center cone of the agave plant, further enhancing the quality and flavor of the finished tequila. Peligroso’s agave is then steamed in traditional brick ovens for up to 3 days, and distilled in copper and stainless pots to a unique 84 proof, or 42% abv. The higher concentration of alcohol indicates that less water is used to dilute the tequila to its bottling strength, resulting in a richer, more luxurious, and more flavorful spirit.


After distillation, Peligroso is aged to perfection in white oak whiskey barrels from Tennessee. Each and every batch is tasted by Peligroso’s chief taste master to guarantee its outstanding quality before it is bottled, corked, and numbered by hand, to certify its authenticity. Peligroso is also the first brand to offer three separate types of glass to distinguish the unique character of each type of tequila.